FRANK ALBERT(non-registered)
Thanks for the pics Mike!
Mike Welch(non-registered)
Nice Pics!!!
Todd Russell(non-registered)
Pro Quad Class #42
Rich Anderson(non-registered)
Nice Pics Mike, got the link off of your sharepoint write-up.
Barb Ross(non-registered)
Wonderrful Mike you do good work - keep at it
Leslie Dent(non-registered)
Great photos Mike from a 73 year old car lover keep up the good work.
from Queensland Australia.
Bill Lavery(non-registered)
Love your processing style Mike. I especially enjoyed the Colorado Grand photo album! -Bill
John Alfeld(non-registered)
Mike - I really like your work.
Ron Rogers(non-registered)
Great Website Mike; this will give the whole wide world (www) an oppertunity to view your magnificent photowork. Best of Luck! Stay the
Tara Gomez(non-registered)
Congrat's Mike, this looks really cool. I've always loved your photography. Good luck with it.
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